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It's impossible to say what drove him to insanity, the transformation perhaps, or the touch of the mad god? It's impossible to say.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'0" - 6'2"
Average Weight: 100lb. - 200lb.
Ability Scores: +2 to intelligence and +2 to dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares squares
Vision: Lowlight
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 to history, +2 to arcana
Special: You are considered to have a demon and fey heritage for the purpose of those key words.
Demonic flight: You are able to take to the skies, albeit a rather limited form of flight in that you cannot fly more than 10 feet above the ground. Although you can find different methods to strengthen your wings(Consult DM for true flight).

Desperate flight Eladridactyl Racial Power
In the heat of battle you draw upon hidden strength or magical might to strengthen your wings for enough time to escape or to save a comrade.
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Target: Personal
Effect: Gain true flight
You gain the ability to maintain true flight in times of need.
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The creation of this being was an event that nothing could predict. The transformation occurred when a poor eladrin fell into a pool of demon's blood that acted as a vessel that held pure demonic power. Normally the demonic influence would have corrupted and destroyed the eladrin in a short amount of time, how ever a mad god with an unknown intent or just pure curiosity staved off death. Allowing the eladrin to endure the pain of the demonic influence corrupting his body and thus the first eladridactyl was created, this newly transformed eladridactyl had eventually gone insane from reasons unknown. One horrifying thought remains, if the mad god was able to create one then he is able to replicate more. Will these participants be willing to submit themselves to this painful ritual or will they be unwilling victims of the mad god's intentions?

Physical Qualities[edit]

An eladridactyl has the same features that it had as an eladrin, although the transformation has given the eladrin large dragon wings, a long demonic tail, as well as cruel horns, and sharpened teeth. The demonic influence will also have varying effects on the skin of the eladrin, for example the eladrin may develope an ashen skin tone or the skin may harden into plates. Overall the eyes may be the most startling change. The eyes reflect the nature of an eladrin's alignment. Eladrins that believed in good developed light colored eyes that glowed softly. While neutral natured eladrins developed grey eyes void of any emotion. Eladrins driven by a dark purpose develope blood red eyes with pupils of ring that seems to be set alight by flame. Due to the unpredictable nature of ever changing morals, an eladridactyl's eyes will vary highly and change as their own alignment may change.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

The eladridactyl's beliefs and thoughts may or may not change after their transformations. Perhaps they hate the god they follow for allowing this horrible event to occur upon them. Or maybe they see this as punishment and seek to atone for the sins they may or may not have committed.

Eladridactyls Communities[edit]

Due to the demonic influence the eldridactyl is typically viewed upon as something to be pitied and to be avoided in eladrin societies. Although in other societies they are typically viewed as something to be feared and interacted with in caution.

Eladridactyl Adventurer[edit]

An eladridactyl may choose to adventure out into the world to seek knowledge about their being, or to prove that they are capable of good deeds, or perhaps to gain wealth and power to serve their own ends.

Wizard: An eladridactyl wizard typically has an insatiable lust for knowledge whether mundane or for power.

Rogue: An eldridactyl rogue will depending on their alignment use their abilities to either gather information or wealth, both for either their own purpose or to serve a higher order.

Warlord: An eldridactyal warlord can become an influential leader, albeit through different methods, whether through inspirational leadership or through instilling fear into their underlings.

Three sample Eladridactyl adventurers are described below.

Kanzo was an eladrin wizard who could never have enough power and always looked for more power. He only viewed those he traveled with as talking meat shields who unless they were useful or became an obstacle were of no concern to him. When he found the pool of demon's blood he saw an opportunity that if he could master the corruption then he could open the way to gaining untold amounts of power.

Roleplaying an Eladridactyl[edit]

When creating a Eladridactyl adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

Social interactions <!-How does society interact with you? How do you interact with society?->

Motive <!-Do you adventure for acceptance or for power?->

Eladridactyl Characteristics: Eladridactyl features consist of eladrin features and demonic features, creating a teiflingesque being.

Eladridactyl Male Names: See eladrin

Eladridactyl Female Names: See eladrin

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