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Lesser Deity
Symbol: An uncut stone.
Home Plane:
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Earth, Evil, Law
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Baator (Terrorix)
Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick
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Power and Order are synonyms. There is no path to power that does not move faster with Order and all paths to true Order require great power over those who would resist.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clerics of the Earth house are stern, serious and hereditary. The children of these clerics are taken away at a very young age and versed in the ways of the gods by a different temple, raised in commune. It is not uncommon for an Earth house cleric to have no idea who their parents are. In fact few care, they are the spiritual children of the church. The church also takes in very young orphans, up to five years old. All ordained clergy wear brown and blue robes.

The ceremonies of the church are slow, long and conducted entirely in Terran. The temples are large and simple affairs, often appearing to be little more than uprooted slab of bedrock, which the older ones are.

The Earth house takes gems, stone idols and root vegetables as sacrifices.


Lands of Blamakar

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