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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

The Dusty Ring can be activated using an action to summon a dust mephit. The dust mephit will speak all languages as the summoner, and be of the same alignment, too. The mephit has a deep respect and admiration for the summoner, and is indefinably loyal, but is not considered charmed by the summoner and will disobey the summoner's orders if it believes it to be in the summoner's best interest.

The mephit has a strange obsession with eating dirt and will constantly want to seek out new and exciting dirts to eat. The mephit's admiration for its summoner grows the filthier the summoner is, showering the summoner with praise and compliments, and will express profound disappointment every time the summoner bathes. If the mephit is destroyed or when you are able to summon a new one, the ring re-summons the same one.

The ring regains use of this effect at dawn.

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