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A coat or jacket made entirely of duct tape. It comes in nearly any style, the most common being hoodie and trenchcoat. It has a purchase DC of 5, due to the low cost of duct tape and the fact that multiple rolls could have been purchased over several weeks or months. It weighs no more than an ordinary coat of its kind.

Using special simple techniques, a Dust Tape Coat can have a lightweight core, usually kevlar or other such material. If this is done, use the statistics block below:

PL 5 This Duct Tape coat contains an inner lining of kevlar or other such material. Concealable Armor (Light)

Equipment Bonus +1 Nonprof. Bonus nota
Maximum Dex Bonus 8 Speed (30 ft.) 30 feet
Armor Penalty none Arcane Spell Failure none
Purchase DC 12 Restriction none
Weight Double that of an ordinary coat of its style

If you are using d20 Modern's Urban Arcana Supplement, this coat is often favored by mages for its slight protection and the fact that it does not hinder their spells.

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