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Dreamwalk (Wis)[edit]

You can enter another creature’s dreams. For additional information on dreaming, see the Shaman’s Handbook.

Requirements: Telepathy feat

Check: You can psychically enter the dream world by making a successful skill check (DC 15). You can enter the dreamscape of another person, which counts as being in mental contact with them for the purposes of using other psychic skills (and for a Psychic Shield blocking you). In the dream world, you have your normal abilities, but your Dreamwalk skill allows you to influence things and events there.

DC Task
5 Realize that you are asleep and dreaming
10 Wake up from a dream or nightmare
15 Change an aspect of your dreamscape
15 Move from one dreamscape to another
20 Change your dream-self ’s appearance
20 Change an aspect of another’s dreamscape

Changing a dreamscape allows you to alter features of the setting such as terrain, weather, lighting, and so forth, but it cannot be used to cause harm (although it can make an otherwise pleasant dream into a nightmare). When you attempt to change someone else’s dreamscape, the subject can make a Wisdom or Dreamwalk check to resist the change; you must beat a DC of 20 or the check result, whichever is higher, to affect the dreamscape. You can change your appearance in the dream world as if using an alter self spell with an unlimited duration. Imitating a specific individual’s appearance requires a Disguise check, but a successful Dreamwalk check (DC 20) provides a +10 synergy bonus on the Disguise check.

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 on Dreamwalk checks.

Time: Entering the dream world is a full-round action. Uses of Dreamwalk within the dream world are move actions. Once you have entered the dream world, you remain until you choose to awaken.

Strain: 2 to enter the dream world, none within the dream world, although use of other psychic skills has its normal strain cost.

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