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Prestige Class: Dragoon[edit]

Dragoons are


To qualify for access of the Dragoon prestige class, you must meet these prerequisites:

Profiencies:All non-ranged weapons that deal piercing damage
Ability scores: Minimum strength of 13 and minimum dexterity of 13
Alignment:One step away from the alignment of your mentor dragon or the same alignment as your mentor dragon
Special: Must have made friendly contact with a dragon and the dragon agreed to be your mentor
Hit dice:1d10 per Dragoon level
Hit points at 1st level:10 + your constitution modifier
Hit points at higher levels:1d10 (or 6) + your constitution modifier per Dragoon level after 1st
Level 1: Mentor Dragon, Jump Attack, Jump points (5)
Level 2: Draconic resistance, Jump points (6), Techniques (1 known)
Level 3: Friend to all dragons, Jump points (7), Techniques (2 known)
Level 4: Jump points (8), Techniques (3 known)
Level 5: Jump points (9), Techniques (4 known)
Level 6: Jump points (10), Techniques (5 known)

Mentor Dragon[edit]

Starting at 1st level. You are taught in the ways of the dragoon by a mentor dragon. The mentor dragon is friendly to you and your companions and will offer you hospitality. However, each month you must pay a certain amount of money (usually 30gp) to your mentor dragon for training. If you end up losing your mentor dragon, you must find another one in order to continue gaining levels in the Dragoon prestige class.

Jump points[edit]

At 1st level. You unlock the ability to mimic the flight of a dragon and jump up in the air by spending a jump point. You stay in the air for 1d4 + your Dragoon level + your strength modifier, adding your strength modifier and dragoon level to the number of rounds spent in the air is optional. You must have 60 feet or more of open space in order to perform this. When you land you make an attack roll with advantage, if it hits you roll as many d4s as rounds you spent in the air (Example: If you spend 4 rounds in the air and hit you roll an additional 4d4 for damage.) You do not take fall damage from the jump attack. You regain all jump attacks when you finish a long rest. Dragoon ability save DC: 8 + your strength + your proficiency bonus.

Draconic Resistance[edit]

At 2nd level, the power bestowed to you by your mentor dragon gives you resistance to a form of damage based upon your mentor dragon.

Friend to all dragons[edit]

At 3rd level, you have become a very well known protector of dragonkind that you have advantage on all charisma checks involving true dragons as long as they are not hostile to you.


Extra jumps[edit]

When you gain this technique, the amount of jump points that you can use per day increases by the amount of levels you have in the Dragoon prestige class, for example, if you are a level 5 dragoon then your number of jump points increases to 14 a day, then when you get to 6th level Dragoon it increases to 16 a day.

Infused jumps[edit]

Prerequisite: 3rd level dragoon or above When you gain this technique, you unlock the ability to infuse your jump attacks with the element of your mentor dragon for one extra jump point, when you do so, your jump attack deals an extra 3d6 damage based upon your mentor dragon.

Hard landing[edit]

When you unlock this technique, you cause your jump attacks to descend faster than usual for one extra jump point, when you do so your jump attack does an extra 2d8 bludgeoning damage in a 10 foot radius around where you landed, all creatures must make a dexterity saving throw, if they fail, they fall prone, if they succeed, they instead take half damage.

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