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Weapon (any axe), uncommon (requires attunement from someone who hates dragons)

This axe has a black handle with a silver-looking blade with runes from some ancient race that no one remembers except the libraries. It also holds a red crystal on the handhold just behind the top edge of the blade. Once you touch the handle, though, you need to succeed at a DC 17 Wisdom contest to be able to wield it or be taken control of to go hunt dragons to extinction. The blade, as with the Dragon Crystal Blade, this weapon does extra damage to draconic creatures, but this one does 1d10 necrotic and 1d6 extra piercing damage.
Sentience. The Dragon Killer is a weapon with a bloodlust and a killer attitude. With an Intelligence score of 17(+3), it can remember a lot about it's nemesis, the dragon. Unfortunately, with it's Wisdom of 10(+0) and Charisma of 3(-4) it requires someone who hates dragons as much as it does to carry out its bloodlust. It speaks Common and Draconic, so it can tell when dragons in disguise are near. Be wary of anyone holding the Time Staff and the Dragon Killer, because they may go back in time to kill the very first dragon at the beginning of time.
Personality. This weapon was created by a warlock with a hatred for dragons and when a dragon killed that warlock, the weapon absorbed the warlock's hatred and parts of the warlock's mind. It tends to hunt down dragons when in the hands of a weak-minded hero by taking the hero over. If it finds a wielder with its anger towards dragons, it will always return to them, expecting them to have a plan to kill every dragon in existence. If not, it will try to take control of its wielder to kill dragons. When not hunting dragons, when its wielder has died, some say they can hear it whistling or singing a song in Draconic, possibly to find a wielder with its hatred. Whatever the case, if you see a singing axe on the ground, maybe it's best to leave it alone.

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