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Dragon's Rage [Draconic]

The rage of a furious dragon lays inside you
Prerequisite: +6 BAB, Draconic Heritage, Breath Weapon
Benefit: You may, for 1d8 rounds enter a state of uncontrollable rage. Your weapon (if any) is discarded for the duration, and instead you must make attacks with natural weapons. Your range is touch, unless otherwise specified.

You receive +8 bonus to attack, and +4 damage per attack, with each attack accounting for half a standard action. The first attack of each round will have the effects of your breath weapon, opponents may make saving throws against this to receive half damage. Your critical during your rage is 16-20, at double damage. For these attacks you always use your highest attack bonus.

Instead of making multiple attacks in one round, you may make one single attack. Making one single attack allows you to deal 5d8 damage + your breath weapon damage. If you make one single attack you get -4 attack bonus, and +6 damage. Making one single attack ends your rage immediately, forcing you to make a constitution check to avoid Nausea.

After your rage ends, you must succeed in a constitution check of at least 20. (10+ Con mod + 1d20) or become Nauseated for 1d4 rounds.

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