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Draconic Feats are a special category of heritage feats for Sorcerers, introduced in Complete Arcane.

Draconic Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Draconic Breath Weapon Con 15 or Cha 15, Draconic Heritage(CArc) feat or a race descended from dragons such as those with the (Reptilian) subtype Subject gains a breath weapon that grows as they do
Draconic Spell Focus Draconic Heritage CA Spells with the energy type of your heritage are more powerful.
Dragon's Rage +6 BAB, Draconic Heritage, Breath Weapon The rage of a furious dragon lays inside you
Improved Draconic Legacy Draconic Heritage CA, Draconic Legacy CA You have truly mastered your draconic spellcasting powers.
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