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Dimensional Shift (Int)[edit]

You can psychically transport from one dimension to another.

Requirements: Dimensional Shift feat

Check: You can make a Dimensional Shift check to move yourself to another plane of existence or alternate dimension. The base DC is 10, modified by familiarity and any additional mass that you carry with you, including other creatures, which must be in physical contact with you or each other. Generally, alternate dimensions are considered only slightly familiar unless you have visited them before (perhaps with the guidance of a native or another psychic). You can also acquire knowledge of other dimensions telepathically from other creatures or by using psychometry on an object or creature from that dimension; the dimension is then considered somewhat familiar. If you choose to visit a random dimension the familiarity modifier is only +5, but this is quite dangerous since there’s no way of knowing the conditions of your destination. Of course, once you have visited a dimension, you can become more familiar with it.

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 on a Dimensional Shift check.

Time: Dimensional Shift is a full-round action.

Strain: 10.

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