Devil's Wrath Plasma Cannon (Command and Conquer Equipment)

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PL 7 Brotherhood of Nod Devil's Wrath Plasma Cannon, Mark IA (Exotic Weapons)

Damage 4d10 Magazine 30-shot Plasma Cells
Critical 20 Size Medium (Cybernetic)
Damage Type Energy, Fire Weight 20 lbs.
Range Increment 100 ft. Purchase DC 35
Rate of Fire S, A Restriction Illegal (+4)


The Devil's Wrath plasma cannon is the ultimate evolution in Nod weaponry. The Devil's Wrath is a hybrid of a flamethrower and a plasma gun (both connected to the cyborg commando's cybernetic enhancements and drawing external power from the cyborg's power plant) and is used with deadly efficiency by Brotherhood Cyborg Commandos. The Devil's Wrath's plasma cannon is capable of wrecking even the Titan Mark II with 2-3 shots, and the effect of the flamethrower against infantry is truly horrific.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

You may only equip the Devil's Wrath if you are a Cyborg Commando affiliated with the Brotherhood of Nod.

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