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The chief deity of the lizardfolk, Semuanya is concerned about survival and propagation. His sacred animal is said to be the alligator, but it is believed that any crocodilian is considered to be in his realm. His holy day is the full moon and he is worshiped at stone shrines. Hunting prizes are sacrificed to him monthly. The great Bog where Semuanya dwells can be found on the neutral plane of Concordant Opposition in Greyhawk and most other D&D campaign worlds, while in the Forgotten Realms campaign world, Semuanya is an aspect of the "World Serpent" deity worshiped in different forms by the various reptilian races. The symbol of Semuanya is a single reptile egg. The lizardfolk do not normally build temples to this deity, as they are too concerned with survival on their own. Semuanya is, however, almost always considered to be the main deity in any pantheistic temple in which the lizardfolk worship. His worshipers are enthusiastically slaughtered by the cultists of Sess'innek, but to date Semuanya has not elected to care, as these killings are rare, and thus, don't pose a significant threat to the survival of his worshipers as a whole..

Semuanya is solely devoted to the survival and propagation of the lizardfolk race, and is completely neutral in alignment. If something is not directly related to survival or propagation, Semuanya considers it irrelevant.In times of strife, prayers to Semuanya take the form of efficient hisses and reptilian barks. In times of peace and plenty, lizardfolk take the time to intone longer chants in the Draconic tongue. Hunting prizes are sacrificed to Semuanya monthly, when the moon is full.

Semuanya's priests are unorganized, acting as general caretakers for their tribes. They are required to breed every season, and those who become impotent lose their spells and generally commit suicide. New shamans learn at the feet of the previous generation, and replace them when the older shamans grow infertile. Semuanya's priests distinguish themselves from their fellows with kilts of blue-green hide.

His appearance is that of a large lizardfolk warrior wielding a great club tipped with sharp shells.


Sess'Innek takes the form of a six-armed lizard king with brown vestigial wings. Each of his six hands wields swords of potent magical power. Little is known about the demon lord Sess'innek except that he created the lizard kings, chaotic and evil versions of the usually neutral lizardfolk.Sess'Innek dwells on the seventh layer of the Abyss, known as Kearackinin, or the Phantom Plane. Furthermore, Sess'Innek has sealed and "locked" the layer so it cannot be accessed to without his expressed permission. It is said that Sess'Innek was tired of the Blood War, and went into this self-imposed exile, having nothing to do with the politics of the Abyss.

Sess'innek has few shamans at this point; the vast majority of them are lizard kings, the descendants of lizardfolk and demons loyal to Sess'innek. Sess'innek requires his shamans to be aggressive in spreading his faith, and to slay clerics of Semuanya on sight. Fortunately, the follower of Sess'innek are quite rare.

Lizardfolk druids are sometimes incorporated into the hierarchy of Sess'innek as well.

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