Deck of Magical Aces (3.5e Equipment)

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3.5e Magic Item

aura= Weak

marketprice= 100 gp

weight= 0.1 lbs

This thin box of cards only holds 4 cards - one ace of each card suit. Each card can be activated simply by holding it and saying the name of the card (For example, uttering “Ace of Spades” will activate the magic Ace of Spades card). After a card has been activated, it will simply turn into a normal playing card. Each cards effects are listed below:

Ace of Spades - Throwing the card onto the ground will cause a 5 foot wide / 10 foot deep hole. If there is an object in the affected ground, it will take no damage.

Ace of Clubs - throwing the card at a creature will stun it for 1d4 rounds.

Ace of Hearts - flicking the card will cure all diseases currently affecting the user.

Ace of Diamonds - touching the card to one item will turn it into one of solid gold for 1d4 hours.

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