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Some spellcasters use a specialized deck of cards as their implement. Each card is infused with the arcane power of one spell. The caster draws then throws or places the card to cast the spell. Once the spell concludes, the card reforms and returns to the deck. The deck is stored in a case, usually vellum, and all the cards must be kept together for them to retain their power.

A deck can vary in size, since they are designed to fit in the palm of the caster's hand: thus a deck for a halfling has half the dimensions of that for a human. The picture on a card is formed when the user infuses a spell into it; the deck functions as a combination implement and spellbook. The designs might be unique to that caster, or resemble a classic deck (the "tarot" of your campaign).

Price: 30 gp
Weight: 1 lb.

Magic Decks of Cards[edit]

Magic Decks of Cards
Name Description
Magic Deck of Cards A basic deck of cards, with designs imprinted on enchanted cotton-paper.

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