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Death Guard[edit]

Fighter Subclass

"You are the harbinger of Doom for planets. You who shall bring pox and plague to every realm that within your reach, Rotting sons of Mortarion launch upon brethren show them the misery and happiness we bring!"- A death guard captain to his charges as they launch an attack

Plagued being

At level 3 you've become part of the Death guard and no longer suffer any ailment and condition, you gain immunity to diseases and poisons, You gain advantage on constitution checks and saves. You cannot feel pain and become a carrier for diseases you automictically fail any save not to contract a disease

Putrid arms

At level 5 You've become familiar with the virulent weapons of your legion. You gain proficiency to the following weapons Blight grenades, Blight Launcher, Bolters, Plague Spewer, Manreaper, and Bell of tocsin. Also power armor

Rotting Growth

At level 7 Your bodily frame has grown into your armor and given you access to new gifts of the legion, You double your number of hit dice and as a bonus action you can spend a hit dice to regain D10+con hit points. Your bulk has caused you to lose 5ft of movement.

Mark of office

At level 10 you've climbed the ranks of your legion and have attained the rank captain and have mutated more benefits to serve this new rank. You've been gifted the zombie plague and a Manreaper as a badge of office, the harbinger of plagues feature that the man reaper gets changes the dm chosen to the zombie plague. The zombie plague allows one killed while infected to rise again as a zombie under the control of the person whom the infection was blessed to, Any killed by these zombies spread the infection and upon death the zombie bursts into a shower 0f 1d5+ Your con mod Nurglings

Cloak of flies

At level 15 you've grown a hive of insects inside you as a bonus action you can spend a hit die to summon a swarm of insects you have full control and if they occupy the same square as you enemies gain disadvantage on attacks against you, these insects also carry all the diseases you carry as well

Blightlord status

At level 18 you've gained one of the highest offices you can achieve without sacrificing autonomy a blightlord, With this you've grown more powerful as a mark of office you have been gifted plagued terminator cataphractii armor which allows you to regain 7 hp per your turn. your constitution becomes 24 whilst your dexterity becomes 12 due to the new heft you've grown, on top of that you gain a bell of tocsin mounted atop the armor and can mount a two-handed weapon from the subclass into the armor, now you can one hand the manreaper

Weapon Options

Blight grenade this weapon is made from the noxious toxins and virulent diseases that permeate the death guard and shoved into a humanoid skull sealed and shaken violently. 1d6 poison damage. Properties: thrown 30ft, radius 30ft, special Special: this weapon combusts on impact any caught with in the 30ft blast radius those caught within must make a constitution save DC (8 + your Proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier) or become stunned for 1 round, when you gain the zombie plague feature the grenade leaves behind a 30ft pool of plague which counts as difficult terrain causing any one who walks across it 1d6 poison damage and infects them with the zombie plague

Blight Launcher: this Heavy grenade Launcher can lob grenades at range of 200 feet and can consume one of your hit die to create ammunition

Plague Spewer This modified Heavy Flamer throws nothing but pure disease and decay which instead of fire damage does poison and leaves behind a trail just like the pool that the blight grenade makes. this weapon can consume one hit die to create ammunition

Bell of tocsin This large daemonic bell made from plagued metal works as a sort of sonic weapon that is mounted onto power armor. this weapon does a 1d4 thunder damage and everyone within a 15ft radius of the bell must make a constitution save dc (8 + your Proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier) or become stunned for 1 round and if the wielder has an arcane focus then as an action they can choose to instead of a 15ft radius they can target one creature within 30ft to take 3d4 thunder damage and make a constitution save dc (8 + your Proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier) or be stunned for 2 rounds

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