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Psychokinesis and Metacreativity [Creation]
Psicraft DC: 1510
Range: 6000 feet
Target: One creature or object that can fit in a box that can contain up to 12000 cubic feet of material
Duration: Permanent (D)
Saving Throw: Reflex Negates
To Develop: 13,590,000 gp; 272 days; 543,600 XP. Seeds: conjure (DC 21) and transport (DC 27). Factors: hide display (+4 DC), different time stream (+8 DC), quickened power (+28 DC), change target from touch to target (+4 DC), increase range to 6000 feet (+40 DC), increase saving throw DC by 20 (+40 DC), gain +10 on manifester level check to beat foe's dispel effect (+20 DC), create instant hardening quintessence (ad hoc +8 DC), create up to 1000 cubic feet of instant hardening quintessence (ad hoc +50 DC), override permanency restriction on different time stream duration (ad hoc +20 DC), permanent duration (x5 DC), dismissible duration (+2 DC), apply permanent duration to time in standard time stream (ad hoc +20 DC), increase base range from 0 to 300 feet (ad hoc +10 DC (based on adding an extra target within 300 feet)).

You create strands of quintessence that coat the subject completely in quintessence (the coating is 1 inch thick) which hardens instantly. The subject's time frame is then accelerated to the point where time stops for it (it is accelerated infinitely) over an infinite duration in standard time. The subject is undetectable by any means while this effect lasts and enters a state of stasis where they cannot do anything (even think). Due to the infinite acceleration, the subject and the quintessence coating it are protected from the effects of time and any destructive force not similarly accelerated. The quintessence coating can be cracked by dealing 100 points of damage to it.

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