Das Kinder Mallet (5e Equipment)

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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

This ring was created for the Gnome Paladin Champion Quasit Nimbletoes, after several critical loses on the battlefield. He quested for a sage that could help him, many years later he found a Dwarven mage that helped complete Quasit’s personal quest. This ring is the sum of their labors. This ring appears as a simple rough forged iron band with a small mallet etched in to the band.

Das Kinder Mallet grants the wearer of this unique ring the following benefits. The damage die of your attacks increases once when attuned to this ring as follows.
1d4 – 1d6
1d6 – 1d8
1d8 – 1d10
1d10 – 1d12
1d12 – 2d6
2d6 – 2d8

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