Das Kinder Mallet (5e Equipment)

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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

This ring was created for the Gnome Paladin Champion Quasit Nimbletoes, after several critical loses on the battlefield. He quested for a sage that could help him, many years later he found a Dwarven mage that helped complete Quasit’s personal quest. This ring is the sum of their labors. This ring appears as a simple rough forged iron band with a small mallet etched in to the band.

Das Kinder Mallet grants the wearer of this unique ring the following benefit: When attuned to this ring, the damage die tier of your attacks increases by 1.

Example: 1d4 – 1d6
1d6 – 1d8
1d8 – 1d10
1d10 – 1d12
1d12 – 2d8
2d8 – 2d10 (and etc.)

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