Dart Gun (Fallout Supplement)

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PL ranged Weapon (')

Damage 1d6 Magazine
Critical 20 Size medium
Damage Type Piercing Weight 0 pounds
Range Increment 30ft Purchase DC 8 TU/80 Caps
Rate of Fire Restriction common
  • takes 1/2 movement to reload
  • has to be made with 6 mechanical parts and a dc10 repair skill

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Mods what it does needs
high tension spring shoots the dart farther and harder makes damage 1d8 and range 60 with a 0 to hit 3 mechanical parts (sells for 10 caps)
scope adds range and helps shoot 70ft and +2 to hit lens 3 mechanical parts 15dc repair (sells for 30 caps)
magazine makes the gun have mags of up to 5 darts now only 1/6 do you have to spend reloading 5 mechanical scrap 1 high tension spring (sells for 30caps
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