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Enchanted Component
4th-level necromancy
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self (5 foot cube)
Components: a necklace, object, or item
Duration: focus, up to 1 round

Target enchants a necklace, object, or item they are holding with a magic symbol. The symbol can be seen on the object and replaces any symbol previously on it. When an enemy attacks, you can roll 1D6, and the object glows a faint white glow, illuminating a 5 inch cube, and letting the creature take half as much damage on a 6. The spell is broken if the object is knocked off of the creature, broken, shattered, or removed from their body and/or clothing. The force field cannot be seen with dark vision, and cannot be detected with detect magic. Players will notice a dark presence if Detect good and evil is used while the spell is in effect.

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