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Dark Master

You have learned to draw upon the dark side that lies deep within us all, being able to manifest and project it into the world.

You have the following benefits:

  • You know how to give the darkness within your heart a physical form, allowing you to use it to tear your foes apart. You have a number of black tendrils equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier (minimum of one), and you can summon or dismiss any of them as a bonus action. They can be used to attack others, each arm counts as a finesse/reach weapon you are proficient with, that deals 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage (your choice, but once chosen cannot be changed). As an action you direct a tendril to attack one target within range. You can expend your movement and bonus action to attack again the first take a -2, the second one is at disadvantage one top of having a -2
  • These tendrils can also be used to hold and interact with items within 30 feet, but each arm can only hold items weighting up to 5 pound.
  • By tapping into the darkness dwelling in your soul, you can show the world a piece of your power. You know the thaumaturgy cantrip.

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