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Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Tempest, Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

The Pale Light in the Depths[edit]


Daima is an enigmatic sea goddess whom is said to reside in the deepest caverns below the ocean. Not much is known of her, even to her most devout followers, and she rarely communicates directly with mortals. The knowledge she shares with her worshipers is ancient and powerful, but she only asks one thing of her followers in turn for her gifts; that they are to keep the great trenches of the depths sealed. The things that dwell below the seafloor are never to see the light of the surface, including herself. The reason for this edict is unclear, but her servants are compelled to follow it without question. The followers of Daima do not revere her like others may revere their own gods. They do not see her as a glorious goddess whose praises should be sung on high, indeed, no illustrations of her have ever been painted. Daima's followers see her as teacher of incomprehensible wisdom, but the punishments for ignoring her lessons are more than severe.


Daima has never appeared to morals in a physical sense, but she is often depicted as a dim, pale light against the blackness of the sea. She is also represented with an angler fish by some.

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