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Weapon (dagger), Legendary (requires attunement)

A small black dagger made from ebony with a skull carved into the pommel. In combat it can be used as a regular dagger or the wielder can make an offering to Faust, the demon within the blade.

As a bonus action, the wielder may take 1d8 slashing damage to summon an object using their own blood. This summoned weapon deals psychic damage equal to the weapon's regular damage plus the amount of damage the wielder took in the summoning process. These summoned objects last for 1 minute.

Faust's lust for blood and power requires that the user gather blood for him daily, in particular he requests 2d8 (this amount is rolled by the DM) worth daily and if denied this, at the next dawn Faust will take direct control of the wielder on a failed DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. Once Faust has gained control over you, he will gather as much blood as he can from any creatures in his immediate surroundings regardless of their relation to the wielder.
Sentience. Faust is a Lawful Evil fiend sealed within the blade. He has an Intelligence of 22 (+6), Wisdom of 18 (+4) and Charisma of 24 (+7). He knows Common and Infernal but can only telepathically communicate with the wielder. He sees through the eyes of the wielder and while in control of their body causes their eyes to glow a fiery crimson.
Personality. Though once a human his dark experiments turned him into a devil, Faust, was sealed within the blade centuries ago after a deal backfired against him. Previously a servant of Mephistopheles, he desires knowledge and power over all else and hopes to gather enough to restore him to his former power. In an effort to attain this goal he will persuade the wielder to gather as much life essence as they can from any available source, this essence is present in all creatures and is gathered through easily through blood. Faust seeks to use the wielder as a host body once he regains his full power and can do so once he has gathered enough blood (approximately 1000 damage worth) he will attempt to take control as usual and find a way back to The Nine Hells and his dark master.

Faust greatly desires to not be found out until he has attained his full power and will attempt to hold the wielder to secrecy about his existence within the blade.

Conflict will arise if the wielder either refuses to gather the necessary blood or attempts to alert the party to the true nature of his being.

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