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The Alt Earth campaign is my home brew. From a historical/cultural standpoint it is a mix setting some areas representing Ancient times whiles others 8th or even the 15th Century, with some advances based on magic and non-human races. While gunpowder does exist, for the most part magic has proven to be more effective. There are ships that can travel the world and they have found that wizards casting fireballs and controlling the winds have beaten cannons.

The Cosmology section details how the world was formed. As gods and creatures travel the planes sense the waypoints that cross An Saoghal (the name of the world) they cross into the plane at major waypoints. Setting up enclaves and over time they take on the characteristics of the societies from our world for that region. (Note: the reason for this is that I have 2 campaigns going, one of which includes my 12 year old and some of his friends. Seemed like a good way of teaching them about world history and cultures.)

It is not a direct correlation and by no means meant to be a reflection of the cultures of this world. For example, it is not to say that the Roman Empire is connected to Lawful Evil Hobgoblins, it is to say that the Hobgoblins of An Saoghal have taken on the characteristics of the Roman Empire.


In the begining all was chaos and out of the chaos An Saoghal was born. An entity of incredible power and equal slumber. It’s body gathered material out of the chaos and provided form. The chaos continued to flow as blood through An Saoghal, establishing focus lines of power as its body solidified into a world. Where the lines met way-points of power were formed. These way-points also drew cross dimensional attention of entities from other planes. Based on the perception of the entities portals were created on the surface of An Saoghal.

Today where Gotar, Svear and Nordheim meet the world tree Yggdrasil grew, a beacon to the Norse Pantheon. In the lands of Mycenea Mount Olympus grew and gained the attention of the Greek Pantheon. Along the Nile the Egyptian gods established their presence and grew from there.

Many non-human beings were drawn as well. Corellon Larethian established a court near Bourgogne for High Elves. On the island of Lýðveldið his Wood Elves made their home and eventually established ports in Nova Lyove. The Dwarves were different, building a complex underground network that connects the whole world. Originating in Kaza Alabub on the Britanni Island they extend under the ocean and through many other lands.

Unfortunately, humanoid and evil entities could sense the power of the way portals as well. Maglubiyet made an infernal contract to turn the waypoint that is now the center of Locem Imperium and it is the home of the Hobgoblin legions. Orcus had first noticed the waypoint there but was driven from it, moving to Reino de Orco to the west. His Orc hordes partner with Abyssal forces to gain revenge for their lord. The transition of this Waypoint had wide ranging implications and dates are often referred to as Before Transition (BT) and After Transition (AT).

Through it all An Saoghal sleeps, the forces of evil a disease and the forces of good the antibodies.


The old pantheons of our world are worshipped in the lands generally associated with them. There followers may have traveled to other parts of the world and established temples there.


Demon lord of the undead. His Followers are primarily Orc Necromancers who bolster the horde with Skeletons and Zombies.

The god of war and rulership, is the chief deity of hobgoblins.

He is worshiped by a multitude of minotaur, ogre, and giant followers and minions.


Odin is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and is the husband of the goddess Frigg. He is closely tied with Lugh from the Celtic pantheon.

Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing and fertility.

Tyr is associated with law and heroic glory, portrayed as one-handed. He is also the father of Havlok.

Ascended son of Heimdall. Havlok is associated with protectors and those who defend the borders of civilization.



Controlling [Power]
1 Greek Based Land
2 Undead (Necromancy)
3 Undead (Death Lords)
4 Centaurs
5 Humans
6 Humans
7 Nordheim - Southern Lands
7 Villnord - Coastal Lands
7 Interior Giants
8 Jutward - Humans
9 Lycanthropes
10 Hill Dwarves (south), Gnomes (north)
11 High Elves
12 Fea Liante
13 Lizardfolk
16 Locem Imperium - Hobgoblin
17 Orcs
18 Humans/Wood Elves
19 Goblin
21 Ogres
23 Eire Interior Halflings
23 Eire Coastal Humans
24 Scotland - Mountain Dwarves (what else?)
25 Egypt - Humans (Lower Nile) Bast (cat people - Upper Nile)
26 Iceland - Wood Elves
27 Crete - Minotaurs

  • Note: I am using a map of 8th century Europe as a base. When I have time I will make a more representative map.


Fea Liante[edit]

The Fea Liante (Elven for Spirit Spider) are an ancient race of Intelligent Spiders. No one is certain if they are native to D.A. Earth or if they were summoned from another plane, whether one of the Prime Materials or one of the lower. What is known is that they have been a source of sorrow and destruction.

The Elves of Bourgogne have many treatises detailing much of the lore regarding these Spiders. Arafinwë Tasardur, an Elven Cleric of Erevan Ilesere, has spent 500 years gathering data on the Liante and his treaties are considered the definitive source on them:

1.) Normally one Female Spider in a colony will rise to dominate the rest and be recognized as the Colony Queen. The other female spiders in the nest will operate based on the directions of the Queen, and maneuver amongst themselves to try and be prepared to take over if a vacancy appears. The males will do whatever is necessary to stay out of the female’s way as they often becoming scapegoats/sacrifices in any political battles between the females.

2.) The poison of the female Liantes requires a DC save or the subject is charmed. If the creature fails its save it will continue to save every round until it either saves or falls under the sway of the Liante. Depending on the creatures alignment, the number of failed saves changes. An Evil creature that fails 2 saves in a row becomes the Liantes lackey, effectively under a suggestion spell. For Neutral creatures it requires 3 failed saves and for a Good Creature 5 failed saves. Depending on the Liante a Restoration or Greater Restoration spell is required to remove the sway, however they will still be able to "hear" the commands of the Colony Queen. See below.

3.) As intelligent spiders they are capable of speech as well as communicating telepathically with other Liantes and those with the spider's poison flowing in their veins.

4.) Females generally focus on divine training and will be Spider Domain Clerics (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Spider_Domain_(5e_Archetype)). Males follow wizardly pursuits, generally focusing of the Illusion tradition. Children will be 1st level, Daughters and Sons 4th-5th Level, and Colony Queens 7th +.

Queens that live long enough grow in power and followers. Due to the treacherous nature of the Fae Liante they generally will not try and gather more of their kind under their sway. Instead they will look to increase their domain by charming other creatures that can be dominated and therefor more trust worthy.

5.) The Liante normally live deep underground, using their poison to subjugate Orcs, Ogres and Trolls as well as other denizens of the deep. When the colony moves into a cave complex the spiders will fill it with their webs, for both sentry and defensive purposive. The spiders can sense any disruptions within 120' as well as the webs slowing the movement of trespassers by 50%.

Fae Liante Child (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dave%27s_Alt._Earth_Campaign_(5e_Creature)#Spirit_Spider_.28Fae_Liante.29_Child)

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