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The coastal part of OW Norway outside of Nordheim is called Villnord, or Wild Nord. The area is in habited by small clans of primarily Humans, with some Dwarves, Dragonborn and Goliaths. Inland and up into the mountains is called Jotunheimen, the land of Giants.

Areas of note:

A.) Aldrivinter (Neverwinter - 60° 23′ 22″ N, 5° 19′ 48″ E) is so named because, even though the town is situated in the cold north the river that flows through it was heated by an unknown source under the nearby Mount Elvhjem (River Home). Population 2,000. It is a major trade port and King Harald Fairhair of Nordheim is very interested in adding Aldrivinter to his kingdom.

B.) Bardufoss (Bard's Waterfall - 69° 3′ 52″ N, 18° 30′ 54″ E) - The home of a Totem Tribe of 40 humans. Living off of trade and fishing they make a meager living and always vigilant against roaming bands of ogres and giants. They trade with a Dragonborn clan at Seter's Leir.

C.) Seter's Leir (Seter's Camp8°51′39″N 18°20′54″E) - A small camp established by the Dragonborn Setermalian. 25 Dragonborn live here, currently lead by the Paladin Caerbor (Paladin 7/Warlock 4, Skin Walker Lodge Member)

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