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Ring, Legendary (requires attunement)

This smooth silver ring, void of any markings, seems completely normal at first glance, but an embarrassing secret lies in its making.

This cursed ring of power was forged by an Archmage named Noruas. This Archmage, although he is most likened to a fat peasant in appearance, is surprisingly very powerful. His lazy personality and fundamental goodness have been at war ever since he created this ring. Part of him wishes to destroy it so no more victims fall prey to it's lure, and another part wishes to delay this inevitable end as much as possible, for destroying the ring would in turn diminish his own power greatly...

Curse of the One Ring When this item is attuned to, it cannot be un-attuned unless destroyed. This item simultaneously maintains attunement with all who have attuned to it once. This item can only be destroyed by its maker the Archmage Noruas. Once attuned to this item, one cannot part with it willingly.

The Will within the Ring. This item is semi-sentient and is aware of its effects as a curse. This is why the ring wishes to return to its maker so that it can be destroyed. The ring does not speak but may communicate feelings and impressions to its bearer in the form of intuitions, dreams, or yearnings.

Power of the One Ring. When wearing this ring after having attuned to it, for each spell slot level of which the wearer has at least one spell slot, the wearer gains a spell slot of that level. For example, if the wearer's highest spell slot is level 4, then he/she would gain 4 spell slots : one of level 1, one of level 2, one of level 3, and a 4th level spell slot. If one's highest spell slot is level 9, then 9 spell slots, one of each level would be gained. If the wearer has no spell slots, the ring does nothing for you. Even if one is attuned to it, the extra spell slots vanish as soon as one takes off the ring.

The Bright one's Light. When wearing the ring (attuned to it or not), the wearer radiates Bright Light within a 60ft radius. At night, this light is visible from several miles around if unobstructed.

Curse of Destruction. If the One Ring of Power is destroyed, all those who have attuned to it at least once will instantly loose a spell slot of each level for which they have spell slots. This effect is permanent and cannot be dispelled unless it is by a powerful divinity or entity of equal power.

nb : an identify spell might not detect The Will within the Ring. or Curse of Destruction ...

A simple silver band ? Put it on and you'll know

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