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Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

The ring was created after the cult of Veistulsasjunsedov mocked Akatosh “The Dragon God of Time” for having no real power in this world. After a skirmish between the minions for Akatosh and the cultist, the cultist fled to the Prime Material Plane where they claimed the have more power than all the minions of “The Dragon God of Time”. Akatosh as imbued this ring with the following abilities.

The ring grants +2 to AC and saving throws.

Whenever someone wearing the ring attacks an opponent with a melee weapon, and rolls a natural 20, the target ages 1d20 years. The target must also make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or become stunned until the start of your next turn.

A creature may only remove the effects of the aging from this item, if a greater restoration spell or better is cast on them.

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