Culling Miasma (3.5e Epic Power)

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Culling Miasma
Psychometabolism [Death]
Psicraft DC: 2113
Range: 30000 ft.
Area: Four 1000-ft. cubes
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude half
To Develop: 19,017,000 gp; 381 days; 760,680 XP. Seeds: slay (DC 25). Factors: change from target to area [four 10-ft. cubes](+10 DC), increase area by 9900% (+396 DC), allow hollowing out of portions of area (ad hoc +20 DC), area unaffected by non-epic barriers with a chance to ignore epic barriers (ad hoc +20 DC), range increase by 9900% (+198 DC), quickened power (+28 DC), +100 to beat foe's dispel effect (+200 DC), +100 to beat spell resistance (+200 DC), +100 to saving throw DC (+200 DC), hide display (+4 DC), bypass non-natural non-epic (creature must be immune by type and type must not have been altered by an effect) protection from death effects with a chance to ignore epic protection from death effects (ad hoc +20 DC), +198d4 negative levels (+792 DC).

You create four 1000 ft. cubes of a quasi-real miasma which lasts for only a moment but steals the life energy from anything it touches. Anything that the miasma touches receives 200d4 negative levels (or half this amount with a successful Fortitude saving throw). If the subject has at least as many negative levels as Hit Dice, it dies. If the subject survives and the negative levels persist for 24 hours or longer, the subject must make another Fortitude saving throw, or the negative levels are converted to actual level loss. When you manifest this power you may choose to hollow out portions of the area to cause certain creatures to be unaffected. This miasma can affect even creatures who are immune to death effects by some ability or spell but not creatures who are immune by type (such as undead although creatures who emulate a type by an ability or spell (such as shapechange) are not protected against this power). If a creature that would be affected is protected by an epic level effect, you may attempt to ignore such protection with an opposed manifester level check (DC 10 + manifester or caster level of the effect(whichever is appropriate)). The area of this power is unaffected by barriers (even ones such as prismatic sphere) and may even ignore epic barriers if you succeed on an opposed manifester level check against the barrier (DC 10 + creator of barrier's caster or manifester level (whichever is appropriate)). Your manifester level for the purposes of beating a dispel effect and power or spell resistance is increased by 100 for this power. The save DC for this power is increased by 100.

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