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Cryokinesis (Int)[edit]

You can freeze things with the power of your mind.

Requirements: Psychokinesis feat

Check: You can lower the temperature of an area about a foot across, enough to deal cold damage, with a DC 15 Cryokinesis check. A targeted creature must make a Fortitude saving throw against your skill DC to avoid taking 1d6 cold damage. Protective clothing has no effect. You can freeze roughly a gallon of water into solid ice in a round. For every 2 points that you exceed the DC, you affect an additional cubic foot (or gallon of liquid) and add +1 point to your cold damage. You can also decrease the size and damage potential of a fire by 1 point (and 1 square foot) for every two points your skill check exceeds DC 10. A fire reduced to a damage potential of 0 or less goes out permanently (this requires a skill check of 22 for a normal 1 sq. ft. flame). Otherwise, the reduction in the fire lasts only as long as you concentrate.

Special: You can take 10 on Cryokinesis checks, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Cryokinesis is a standard action.

Strain: 3.

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