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Noble Creatures[edit]

Metallic Dragons[edit]

Metallic dragons in Vaerya are a comparably recent phenomenon. After the Dragon Wars, when Tiamat was forced back through the portal to Kalgor the Dragon Planet, a platinum egg was found containing Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. Upon his release, he granted the mortal races one egg of each of the five types of metallic dragons. To this day, settlements of sufficient size are under protection by a metallic dragon, who is respected and venerated by it's people. This practice has spread throughout the known word, and virtually ended warfare between the races of good. Conquering a city protected by a large silver dragon is much more difficult than it was before Bahamut was released. There are a few notable exceptions such as war torn Dorne, where the dragons fight each other on behalf of their cities due to the massive civil war. Due to this development, any serious incursion of the evil races is always accompanied by a chromatic dragon of equal age to the city they're attacking, thereby neutralizing the city's advantage.

Vile Creatures[edit]


Driftwarped creatures are regular creatures tainted by the power of the drift. Creatures afflicted by this status appear as a purple or black crystalline version of their former selves. Always chaotic evil, such creatures are drawn to attack spellcasters above other targets, and will always focus the last person to cast spells or use magic using their ability to teleport quickly around the battle field. Some creatures that become driftwarped also gain a size category, though this is more rare. Behavior of a driftwarped creature changes to seek out spellcasters intentionally and try to end them.

Creating a driftwarped creature

“Driftwarped” is an afflicted template that can be added to any corporeal aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze, plant, or vermin of nongood alignment (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

A driftwarped creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and abilities except as noted here. Do not recalculate the creature’s Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saves, or skill points if its type changes.

Size and Type: Animals or vermin with this template become magical beasts, but otherwise the creature type is unchanged. Size is unchanged. Driftwarped creatures encountered on the Material Plane have the extraplanar subtype.

Special Attacks: A driftwarped creature retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains the following special attack.

Smite Caster(Su): Once per day the creature can make a normal melee attack to deal extra damage equal to its HD total (maximum of +20) against a spellcaster who has cast a spell or used a spell-like ability in the last five rounds.

A driftwarped creature gains theSpell-Like Ability: dimension door usable at will as a standard action.

Special Qualities: A driftwarped creature retains all the special qualities of the base creature and also gains the following.

If the base creature already has one or more of these special qualities, use the better value.

If a driftwarped creature gains damage reduction, its natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Abilities: Same as the base creature, but Intelligence is at least 3.

Environment: Found primarily in the Drift.

Challenge Rating: HD 3 or less, as base creature; HD 4 to 7, as base creature +1; HD 8 or more, as base creature +2.

Alignment: Always evil (any).

Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +2.

Hit Dice Resistance to Cold and Fire Damage Reduction
1–3 5
4–7 5 5/magic
8–11 10 5/magic
12 or more 10 10/magic

Neutral Creatures[edit]


The minotaur of Vaerya are often a peaceful race to outsiders, and live scattered throughout the world in caves or primitive villages. Almost always Lawful Neutral, the minotaur have a very spiritual society as they revere their elders and ancestors. All minotaur hold a deep and abiding hatred for centaur, due to a war that has been raging for thousands of years. Minotaur will kill centaur on sight, and organize raids of their villages whenever possible. Minotaur often seek to turn outsiders against the centaur, recruiting them for battle against their ancient enemy. People who aid the minotaur in their war are considered staunch allies and are invited to learn the language of the minotaur people, a closely guarded secret.


The centaur of Vaerya can be dangerous to travelers, as they are a warlike nomadic race, who resemble the more aggressive native american indians. Almost always Chaotic Neutral, the centaur travel the land in search of prey for hunting and caravans for raiding. All centaur hold a deep and abiding hatred for the minotaur people, and will kill them on sight if possible. Centaur often seek to turn outsiders against the minotaur, with the promise of immunity from centaur aggression in return. People who go above and beyond in killing minotaur are often invited to learn the secret language of the centaur, a closely guarded secret.


The Kobolds who live in Vaerya are an interesting bunch. Generally distrusted and openly derided by the other mortal races, Kobolds have carved out a niche for themselves quite handily. Highly skilled in negotiations and haggling, the Kobolds of Vaerya command a massive network of black market trading. Operating under the noses of most authorities, Kobold merchants can often be relied upon to produce items such as poisons, smuggled goods, and rare magical items. They are fiercely loyal to each other and others of their own race, and outsiders are typically excluded from all the inner workings of their vast empire. Occasionally Kobolds will hire on protection from less savory examples of the other races, but little is entrusted to them aside from a sharp sword and directions for who to point it at.

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