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Creating a Gestalt[edit]

To form a gestalt, two or more psychic characters must be in rapport using Mental Contact. This means that all the characters involved must have at least one rank in the Mental Contact skill. One character is chosen as the coordinating mind of the gestalt and the maximum number of participants is equal to the coordinator’s Mental Contact skill rank. Creating a gestalt between two characters is fairly simple, requiring only a successful Mental Contact check from each and a move action.

Larger gestalts are more difficult to establish, since every member of the gestalt must be in mental contact with every other. Two means to do this exist. The fastest way is for each psychic to use the multiple targets option (page 185) increasing the DC and strain of the Mental Contact check by +2 per additional mind and requiring a full-round action. The easier way is for two characters to create a gestalt and for additional minds to join it one at a time. This requires 1 round per mind in the gestalt to establish it (longer if the characters take 10 on their Mental Contact checks) but reduces the amount of strain required.

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