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Create Crypt Thing (7th Level Spell)

Range: Touch Components: V,S
Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 1 Round
Area of Effect: 1 Corpse Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell enables the caster to cause a single dead body to animate and assume the status of a Crypt Thing. This spell can be cast only in the tomb or grave area the crypt thing is to protect; the spell requires that the caster touch the skull of the subject body. Once animated, the crypt thing remains until destroyed. Only one crypt thing may guard a given tomb.

A successful dispel magic spell returns the crypt thing to its original unanimated state. Attempts to restore the crypt thing before this is done fail for any magic short of a wish.

The reverse of this spell, destroy crypt thing, utterly annihilates any one such being as soon as it is touched by the caster. The target is allowed a saving throw vs. death magic to avoid destruction.

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