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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Avarice, Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity


Fueled by an insatiable need to obtain as much wealth and power as possible Cravenos steals from anyone and everything he meets. A secretive coward Cravenos deceives and influences others into preforming tasks to his benefit, avoiding confrontation at all costs. He also tends to abandon those who have aided him, whether they were aware of it or not, often engineering circumstances so that they are blamed for his transgressions.

A fickle character he bores easily, periodically setting his sights on yet another object to add to his ever-growing hoard. This trait is also the cause of his nomadic nature, moving from place to place, leaving for greener pastures as soon as the novelty of his current home begins to wear off, Cravenos goes where his heart leads him, thieving as he goes.


Cravenos appears to mortals in a variety of form but most commonly as:

  • A hooded figure in simple robes, although hidden beneath the impoverished garb is always a token of his vast wealth.
  • A benevolent sultan sporting untold riches. Liberal with his gifts his duplicity, almost, always allows for their safe return.
  • The owner, or object, of a person's heart's desire, highly effective when manipulating mortals.

Invariably his form is designed to provide him with the most leverage over those around him so that he may exploit them to the fullest.


Cravenos attracts a more disreputable kind of follower, thieves, burglars and bandits along with kings advisers and successors with great ambition all make sacrifices to Cravenos before committing their detestable deeds, hoping for aid in activities first perfected by Cravenos himself. Never one to turn down a gift he gladly accepts any sacrifices in his name but rarely deigns to provide the help requested, unless he is particularly impressed or intrigued by the suggested plot. An especially large sacrifice may.

Lacking any official or organized clergy Cravenos certainly doesn't want for places of worship. Seen as an investment the rich and powerful often erect grandiose shrines in his name, relying on the size and value of their contribution to impress him. As such, treasure hunters and their like always keep an ear to the ground for mention of Cravenos in the hopes of discovering one of these temples of gold.

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