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Ring, legendary (requires attunement)

The result of the first paladin of Voltron completing the Trial of Lions & gaining a Deeper Connection with the patron, the Five Sided Circle ring, connects the follower to the Good, the Neutral, & the Evil sides of this patron. This pact causes their own alignment and abilities to shift as this patron's tenets do. The shifts of alignment often follow the phases of the moon and normally aren't blatantly obvious, but close friends and loved ones can always tell that a change is occurring. The shifts follow the pattern:

  • New Moon of the Fiend = Evil
  • Quarter Moon of Aberration = Neutral
  • Full Moon of the Arch-fey = Good

Any followers of Voltron that reach the Deeper Connection state earn their own 5 sided circle which can be a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace. Bearer's of a 5 Sided Circle gain the following benefits while wearing the item.

  • Chaotic Mind: Any creature that casts a mind altering spell or special effect that fails to take hold, suffers 2d10 psychic damage from a mental counter attack.
  • Spell Connect: Gains access to spells that are labeled with "Deeper Connection" as prepared spells that do not count against their prepared spell slots & they gain 1 additional first level spell slot.
  • Truest Form: Can complete an 8 hour ritual that transforms a mundane item into an original magical item of a rarity no less than rare.
  • Chaos Steed: The user can touch any stone or metal statue with their 5 sided circle and the statue changes shape to a large lion that will act as a traveling steed for up to 6 hours. The steed has a speed of 50, 70HP if stone, 100 if metal, AC 15 (stone) 17 (metal), a tackle attack that deals 4d6 (if stone, 6d6 if metal) bludgeoning damage & has ability scores equal to a regular lions + 1d6.

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