Covenant Battle Cruiser (D20 Modern Vehicle)

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Covenant Battle Cruiser[edit]

A Covenant Battlecruiser.

Covenant Battle Cruiser

Class Capital
Size Colossal (1600 yards)
Crew 4324
Shield Points 500 (DR 35)
Hull Points 400 (DR 20)
Initiative -8
Maneuver -8
Defense 12
Slipspace Drive yes
Passengers 2000
Cargo Capacity 65,000 tons
Consumables 6 years
Maximum Speed in Space 4000ft
Atmospheric Speed 3000ft
Weapons 7 Capital Plasma Turrets:6d12x3 PB:+2 MED:+3 LONG:+1
24 Pulse Lasers:3d10x2 PB:+2 MED:+1 LONG:+0
2 Plasma Torpedos:10d10x7 PB:+0 MED:+1 LONG:-1
4 Tractor Beams
16 Point Lasers:4d10x2 PB:+1 MED:+2 LONG:+1

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