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Religions of the World of Appalachia[edit]

Different religions are populare in different places among different groups:

  • Christianity is the main religion of Appalachia and Europe.
  • Native American spiritualism is the main religion of Indiana of the Elven Indians.
  • Islam is the main religion of the Middle Eastern tieflings.
  • Judaism is the main religion of the aaracokra.
  • In India, there are at least 100 races, each of which worships at least 100 gods.
  • In Japan, dragons are worshipped as gods.
  • Moredoor worships evil. It is the location of one of the Hellmouths - In Lost Vegans.

Hellmouths and Ladders to Heaven[edit]

  • Hellmouths - there is a Hellmouth at the south pole in Antarctica, and ah Hellmouth in Lost Vegans. Only the very pure can avoid being sucked into them
  • Ladders to Heaven - there are ladders to Heaven at the North Pole, and Mount Zion. Only the very pure can ascend them.
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