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Corruption, BB Variant[edit]

Corruption is gained through various sources: enemies, traps, items, events, etc. all of which imply the infection of a malignant force/energy into a character.

Corruption acts in an ascending fashion, that is, you start at your minimum value (0) and continue to increase toward a maximum value. Corruption can only be removed in two ways, reaching maximum corruption, or through rare unique circumstances (items, rituals, etc.).

When maximum corruption (100) is reached, corruption is reset to its minimum value and an effect of corruption occurs. Note that the minimum value for corruption starts at 0, but may increase due to deep flaws and other unique circumstances.

Roll a d4.

Table: Corruption Effect
d4 Roll Result
1 Frenzy
2 Flaw + 1/4 Benefit Point
3 Flaw + 1/2 Benefit Point
4 Deep Flaw

Flaws can be anything from the link provided, or that the character comes up with, so long as the DM agrees with the flaw. A character must act with the flaw(s) he/she possesses.

Flaws can be bought off for 5 + 5*F Gems, where F is the total number of flaws (including those bought off) the character has ever possessed.

Deep Flaws are permanent flaws from the provided link.

Benefit Points can be redeemed for character bonuses.

Benefit Points[edit]

Benefit points allow the character any bonus from the following list:

Table: Benefit Point Bonuses
Bonus Iterative Cost
+1 Save 2
+5 Move 1.5
+5 Max HP 1
+1 Ability Score 3
+1 Natural Armor 2
+1 Skill Point 0.5
+1 Feat 2

Notice that the bonuses are stackable and the costs are iterative. For example, a +1 Will Save would cost 2 BP, the second +1 Will Save (or a +1 Reflex/Fortitude) would cost 4 BP (for a total of 6 BP), the third 6 BP (12 BP total) etc.


Frenzy comes in two formats: Result and Status.

The Frenzy Result occurs when Corruption reaches max and a 1 is rolled. Frenzy occurs in three tiers and thus a d3 (d6) is rolled.

Table: Frenzy Result
d6 Roll Result
1-2 Tier I: 50% HP Loss
3-4 Tier II: 70% HP Loss
5-6 Tier III: 90% HP Loss

When the Frenzy Result occurs, Lethal Damage is dealt to the character receiving it based off of the character's Max HP (rounded up). This is immediate damage that may kill a character.

The second format is the Frenzy Status.

Frenzy Status is a temporary Corruption effect that acts similar to non-lethal damage. The status ailment adds temporary Corruption starting at 0. When temporary Corruption + actual Corruption >= 100, act as if actual Corruption reached 100 and a 1 was the result of the d4 roll. This Frenzy Result is always Tier III.

When the Frenzy Status is inflicted on a character, the character takes 1d4 temporary Corruption per round for 10 rounds or 1d20 temporary Corruption outside combat (this also results if combat ends with more than 2 rounds of Frenzy left for a character). If a character is re-Frenzied while still Frenzied, add 1d4 rounds to the length of the status effect.

Temporary Corruption naturally recedes at a rate of 1d4 per minute outside combat or every 3 rounds in combat (this only occurs once the Frenzied Status has ended). Items such as sedatives can also reduce temporary Corruption.

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