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Wizard Arcane Tradition: Constructor[edit]

The Constructor is a offshoot of the Transmutation school that focuses using their arcane talents to build whatever structure or object their hearts desire. They specialize in crafting powerful weapons, armors, and even castles!

Built This City

When you take this tradition at 2nd level, you gain proficiency in two of four types of tools; Glassblower's tools, Carpenter's Tools, Mason's tools, and Smith's Tools.


When you take this tradition at 2nd level, you learn mending and mold earth if you haven't already. These don't count against the number of cantrips you know

Magical Forge

At 6th level, you add the Fabricate spell to your spellbook. Fabricate now can be cast with a 3rd level spell slot, but for can only create Medium or smaller objects. In addition, for every 2 spell slot levels spent above 4th, the size of the object you can create becomes one size category larger, but at 6 times the normal casting time

Practical Problem Solver

At 10th level, Your continued use of magical crafting methods has allowed you to infuse that magic into the items you create. You are now able to create magical items with Fabricate. You will still need to find the raw materials, and how long the spell takes is dependent on what magical item you're making

Master Builder

At 14th level, You have become an engineer without peer. You can now cast Fabricate as a 4th level spell as an action without spending a spell slot. However, you cannot create magic weapons or armor with specific benefits beyond a flat magical bonus. You can use this feature a number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier. You regain use of this feature after a long rest.

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