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Constructs in base rules[edit]

Crafting a construct under base rules is kind of a weird thing, you can get the craft construct feat at level 5, but almost all constructs need a CL of 10 or higher with 6th level spells to actually create. This makes it harder for classes like Artificers, who were designed to make stuff, to create a golem than it really should be. Golems aren't a main part of many campaigns, and when you start making them to guard your treasure it is typically seen as end game. But for some campaigns, like Kingmaker, it is something that will allow the Artificer or craft junky to contribute more to the kingdom.

Construct Base DC[edit]

The base DC is 10. First you need to decide what type of golem you would like to make. Add modifiers from the table below. Traits for what each one gains is listed below the table.

Table: Type Modifiers
Type DC Modifier
Junk -5
Glass -1
Stone +0
Flesh +1
Iron +5
Gelatinous +10
Coin +15
Mithral +20
  • Junk: Junk golems are for crafters with not a lot of cash. Crafting cost is reduced by 50% and the golem has 50% of a normal golem's hp. +4 Natural armor
  • Glass: Glass golems are extremely elegant but fragile. The golem's charisma score is 4 higher but it has 75% of a normal golem's health.
  • Stone: Stone golems have no special modifiers. +6 natural armor
  • Flesh: Flesh golems only have 50% of the hardness of a normal golem, but they heal natural like a living creature and are affected by healing spells. +4 natural armor
  • Iron: Iron golems are more sturdy than average. They gain +25% health and hardness. +8 natural armor
  • Gelatinous: Gelatinous golems have the engulf monster ability. Creatures inside of or touching a Gelatinous golem take 2d6 points of acid damage. They may move through spaces as if they were 2 sizes smaller by squeezing through them. Gelatinous golems are healed by acid damage. +12 natural armor
  • Coin: A coin golem cost 100% more than the average golem to create. A coin golem appears as a pile of gold coins to anyone who fails a DC 30 perception check. Due to it's nature a coin golem is immune to piercing attacks. If a coin golem is in contact with a large amount of coins (100,000+) it gains fast healing 5. +12 natural armor
  • Mithral: A mithral golem is much more sturdy than other types of golems. It gains +200% hp and +50% hardness. It's strength and dexterity score is increased by 6 each. +15 natural armor

Now add DC for size. This also affect's the golem's max hp.

Table: Size Modifiers
Size DC Modifier Hp Bonus
Fine +15 -
Diminutive +10 -
Tiny +4 -
Small +1 10
Medium +0 20
Large +1 30
Huge +4 40
Gargantuan +10 60
Colossal +15 80

Golems have a purpose. The more complex the purpose is the harder it is to make one. These can be done with spells that are listed to ignore the DC mod. The purpose may be modified after creation with a craft check DC 10+ double the purpose modifier if done by the creator, if done by another creature the DC is 20+ double purpose modifier. This takes 2 hours to change.

Table: Purpose
Purpose DC Modifier Spell
Guard +2 Alarm
Protect +4 Protection from (any)
Shopkeeper +6 Selective Alarm
Follow Orders +10 Geas-Quest
Intelligence +20 Awaken
  • Guard: A golem will defend an object or area from any entering it that the creator specifies, this may be defend against "Anyone but me", "Only against Guard #4" or any other command the the golem would be able to determine. Golems can still be fooled but golems with the Guard purpose have +10 perception in addition to it's normal bonuses. The golem will do anything it can to keep creatures out of the area or attempt to keep the object where it is.
  • Protect: The golem will follow a specified creature, if that creature enters combat the golem will as well. If the creature is knocked unconscious or is killed the golem will pursue the killer/attacker. If it can not find it within 1 minute then golem will shut down.
  • Shopkeeper: A shopkeeper golem will sell items at a set price and will do what it can to stop any thieves. It will not be able to go do trades by itself but it will keep a store running until it runs out of stock. It will clean as well. Shopkeeper golems do not actually create/cook and must have a supply.
  • Follow Orders: The golem will follow the orders of the creator to the best of it's ability.
  • Intelligence: The golem gains an intelligence score of 10+1d8. It may make it's own decisions and functions as a sapient creature. Intelligent golems have skill points equal to 2+int and may take class levels. A golem's template counts as +6 CR (may vary based on gm)

A golem has a level equal to it's creators and has advancement BaB based on the table below. Save Bonuses are the same as the creator's.

Table: BaB
BaB per Level DC Modifier
1/2 (As Wizard) +0
2/3 (As Rogue) +5
1 (As Fighter) +10

Every stat (except int and con) starts off at 10 at creation (without size modifiers). A crafter may spend 2 hours with a DC craft check of 14 to increase one stat by 1d8, this may be done many times but each time increases the dc by 4.

A golems health is equal to twice the craft roll. And it's hardness is equal to 25% the roll. (Example, a wizard gets a 30 on the craft check for a large golem. the golem's hp is 60 from the roll +30 from it's size for a total of 90. The hardness would be 7.)

All golems have construct traits and are immune to spells and spell-like abilities.

The cost of crafting a golem is 50x the dc

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