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Conjuration is the ability to interfere with other realms, be it to harness souls, or to summon daedra to fight for you. It is a combat skill.


Beginner Efficiency(Conjuration)[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 20: Conjuration Novice and Apprentice level spells cost half as much magicka to cast.

Superior Weapon Summoning[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 30:Bound weapons are now made from a more powerful daedra, making them deal 2d6 extra damage.

Unholy Range[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 40: You can summon daedra and raise dead from 5 times as far away.

Bloody Bond[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 45:Your Daedra will heal 1d6 health at the end of each of their turns while in combat. However you gain 50% less health from healing spells and items while in combat(Only while you have at least one Daedra minion).

Oblivion Strength[edit]

Rank 1[edit]

Prerequistites Conjuration lv 50: Your maximum health is increased by 10 health points when you have an daedra minion active. Your maximum health is reduced by 5 when no minion is active.

Rank 2[edit]

Prerequistites Conjuration lv 70 and Oblivion Strength Rank 1: You gain +2 to Strength and you deal 1d6 extra melee damage when you have a daedra minion active. Your strength is reduced by 2 and you deal 1d4 less damage when no minion is active.

Undead Instability[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 55: You can make the undead under your control significantly more powerful in return for causing their bodies to deteriorate rabidly. While the ability is activated, undead get advantage on Strength, Dexerity and Consitution saving throws, deal 3d8 extra physical damage, and gain a +5 to there movement speed but will lose 10 health points at the end of each their turns. Effects last until the undead is killed.

Skilled Efficiency(Conjuration)[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 60 and Beginner Effiency(Conjuration): Conjuration Adept and Expert Spell cost half as much magicka to cast

Storage Pocket[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 60: You gain a small plane of oblivion where you can store items. It can hold up to your (Int mod * 50) pounds of items. You summon any item in the plane for half the items weight in magicka as an action.

Minion Control[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 65: As an action you can take control of a daedric or undead minion of yours within 50 feet of you. Your body will be unconscious while this is active but you can use all of your minions senses and abilities. You will go back to your body after an hour has passed, the minion exceeds a 2500 feet distance from your body, or after spending a minute ritual to return.

Favored Dead[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 70: When you find a corpse you can spend 10 minutes performing a ritual to strengthen corpse. When you raise the corspe that undergone this ritual the undead will no longer be able to leave your control, it will last until killed, deal 4d6 extra damage and its maximum hit points will be increased by 30. You can only have one favored dead active at a time and you will not be able to do the ritual again for 1d4 weeks.

Undead Pocket[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 80 and Storage Pocket: You have a small plane of oblivion where you can store your undead minions. It can hold up to 1+your Int mod undead, and an undead can be summoned from the plane as action.

Necromantic Enhancement[edit]

Prerequisites Conjuration lv 90 and Favored Dead:You imbue your body with necromancer power to prolong your life. You gain 3d10 more maximum hitpoints and have a resistance to necrotic damage, however you gain a weakness to radiance damage and healing spells are half as effective on you.

Deal of Eternity[edit]

Prerequisites lv 95: You can make an unbreakable deal with two mortal beings(you can be one of these mortals), putting their very souls at stake. Both parties must be fully aware of the deal and conditions for the ability to activate. If one of these mortals were to violate the deal, their body will instantly turn to dust and there soul will be given to the ideal masters. You can only have one Deal of Eternity active between to mortals at one time and each time you use this ability your maximum hp and stamina are reduced by 1d8.

Daedric Pact[edit]

Prerequistites Conjuration lv 100: You can demand the attention of a Daedric Prince of your choice. You will keep the Prince there for 10 minutes and it will not be able to send something to harm you during this time. During this time you can negotiate for the Princes daedric artifact (usually the Prince will send you on a quest), some Daedric boon(Your DM will decide whether or not to give this to you) or some other item. You can only use this ability once, so make it count.

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