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Confusing Room[edit]

The room does not appear to have anything wrong with it. A successful DC(18) Arcana check determines that the room is possessed of an unstable magical aura. The trap is activated as soon as more than one person is in the room. When the trap activates, roll on the following table to determine which effect the room imposes, which affects all creatures in the room and everything they are carrying.

The trap resets after one minute, at which point it is able to impose another effect on creatures within the room.

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(one vote)
D8 Effect
1 A hazy warbling mist fills the room. All affected creatures must make a Constitution check. If the roll is 8 or lower, the creature's size decreases by one step. If the roll is 12 or higher, the creature's size increases by one step.
2 Gravity itself is suspended. The walking speed of all creatures in the room is reduced to 0ft, and any creatures without a flying speed gain a flying speed of 5ft.
3 The room fills with a green viscous fog. All creatures in the room are affected by a polymorph spell that transforms them into random creatures of the DM's volition. The save DC for the wisdom saving throw is 18.
4 All creatures must succeed a DC(19) Constitution saving throw or become stunned for one minute.
5 All creatures in the room are affected by a prestidigitation spell that applies DM-determined effects.
6 All creatures in the room must succeed on a DC(15) Constitution saving throw or become petrified as a golden statue for one minute.
7 All creatures in the room must succeed on a DC(15) Wisdom saving throw to resist having their souls shuffled around, as if by a magic jar spell.
8 The room falls under the effect of a zone of truth spell. Creatures cannot deliberately lie within the room.
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