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Common Ritualist

Prerequisites: 0 total spell slots
Study, prayer, and natural talent provide spell slots, an easy means to do magic, but it is possible to learn basic spells without dedicating your life to them. == Common Ritualists ==

The time and monetary requirements are the same as the requirements for scroll crafting, but you also have to meet a level requirement, shown on the table below:

Spell Level - Character level

1 - 1+
2 - 3+
3 - 5+
4 - 7+
5 - 9+
6 - 11+
7 - 13+
8 - 15+
9 - 17+

You can know a maximum of 3 ritual spells at a time. If you want to learn another ritual spell when you already know 3, you can un-learn another that you know. You can learn spells from any class's spell list.

If you know ritual spells because of this feat, then gain spell slots, you lose the ability to learn spells in this way, and can choose another feat to replace this one. You cannot get an ability score increase in this way.

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