Clockwork Dragon (5e Equipment)

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Clockwork Dragon

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Clockwork Dragon 225 gp 1 Bludgeoning, Special 30 lb. Ammunition (range 100/100), heavy, loading, two-handed, special, expensive

The Clockwork Dragon can be safely loaded with one pint of holy or mundane water, acid, dilute poisons, or oil, which it can then launch as a semi-cohesive blob up to a distance of 100ft with enough force to inflict minor damage in addition to whatever effect the liquid itself has. It includes an igniter mechanism, which allows proficient users to ignite flammable fluids as they are ejected.

This device is much like the clockwork toy that a tinkerer might make, save that it is built with durable craftsmanship and specially designed as a weapon. It still retains its roots as a novelty, however, and the key can be turned clockwise over the course of one minute, after which time it will walk in 15-foot-radius circles, flapping its wings and producing tinny roaring sounds at random for one hour. They can be made of any metal, but are most commonly made from copper and brass.

When used as a weapon, the dragon's tail curls into the contour of the user's shoulder, its long and fairly slender belly making for a rather comfortable place to rest one's hands. Once it is loaded, achieved by pouring a liquid into the fill funnel and repeatedly turning the key counter-clockwise, it is fired by squeezing the forelegs together. Heavy crossbow users may find its manual of arms a somewhat familiar routine.

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The Clockwork Dragon is about two feet in length.
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