Cliopodan ERP Additions and Rules (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Cliopodan Additions and Rules[edit]

Special rules for ERP only[edit]

This race can easily be adapted for use in an ERP heavy campaign in the following ways:

Racial Additions[edit]

  • Grapple conditions: The cliopodan gains a +6 racial bonus to grapple checks meant to keep a humanoid opponent against them for certain actions.

Alternate Racial traits[edit]

  • Flexible antennas: The antennas of a few cliopodans are much more flexible and soft than others of their kind. This trait adds a +4 untyped bonus to any rolls involving anything dealing with the cliopodan's head.
  • Softer Mandibles: Some cliopodans have softer sides to their mandibles and can use them as a set of internal pedipalps. This trait adds a +2 racial bonus to all checks dealing with the mouth.
  • Longer Tongue: A few cliopodans have very longue tongues and can use them as deftly as if it were a prehensile tail. This trait adds a +4 racial bonus to all checks dealing with the mouth, but gives a -2 penalty to all linguistics checks.
  • Soft Belly, Strong Legs: Some Cliopodans have a softer carapace along their underside than many members of their species, yet this carapace is not lost as is found on the legs of the organism. The Cliopodan gains a +2 natural armour bonus instead of the +4 the race would normally get, a slam attack that deals 1d6 + 1 1/2 str mod, and a +2 to grapple checks.

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