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See the d20 Modern Core Rulebook for more information on the use of this skill.

Climb (Str)[edit]

Check: Rappelling is a special skill involving ropes rigged specifically for this purpose. No skill check is required to get the ropes ready. Military forces typically use Rappelling to quickly insert troops into a landing zone without the landing craft (typically a Vertibird) needing to land, but can also be used to repel down a building, or a cliff. A character who makes a successful Climb check (DC 10) can descend 100 feet per round by Rappelling. Each 100 feet descended by Rappelling requires a new skill check. If this check is failed, the character has become fouled in the ropes, and dangles helplessly, 1d6x10 feet above the ground (add 100 feet for each skill check the character has not yet made if Rappelling more than 100 feet), and is exposed and considered Entangled (–2 attack rolls, –4 Dexterity) until they either succeed at a new check, or cut themself free. This check can be retried each round, or the character can cut themself free and fall the remaining distance to the ground (taking the appropriate damage).

Try Again?: Yes.

Special: A small safety trampoline can be used to halve falling damage (minimum 1) up to 100 ft. A larger safety trampoline negates the damage taken from falling by 10 feet for each person holding the net who makes a Strength check (DC 16).

Time: Repelling is a full-round action. Cutting yourself free is a move-action.

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