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Juggernauts compared to their puny cousins, Cleavers are incredibly powerful and large. There are two varieties: Silver and Gold. Silver are heavily armored and wield large, two-handed scimitars. As for Golden Cleavers, they are much larger and wield a gigantic cleaver. Their strength and tactical programming makes them natural leaders for attacking underlings, but Beelzeaver's easily outrank them.


  • Family: Construct
  • Size: Medium / Large
  • Vision: Low-Light (See twice as far in Dim Light than normal)
  • Hit Die: 6d10 / 8d10
  • AC: 1


  • Str: 18 / 20
  • Dex: 10 / 8
  • Con: 18 / 20
  • Int: ?/? (Artificial)
  • Wis: 0/0
  • Cha: 0/0



  • Swing: 1d12
  • Cleave: 1d10, hits up to 3 targets in front of user.
  • Shoulder Charge: The Cleaver charges the enemy, viciously, moving twice its movement speed and hitting for 1d8. If hit, the enemies must roll a saving throw or be affected by the charge. On hit, enemy is staggered, losing Dex bonus for that round and takes -1 to armor class. If 2 above, ememy staggered, -2 AC and dizzied, unable to cast spells and -1 to hit for 2 turns. If 4 above, Dizzy w/ -3 AC, Dazed w/ -2 to hit for 2 turns, and must save against disarm. If 5 or up, the enemy is knocked out instantly.


  • Swing: 2d8
  • Cleave: 1d12, hits all enemies in an arc in front of him.
  • Stomp: -3 to hit, deals 4d6, enemy must roll saving throw vs. knockdown. If fail by 5 or more, enemy is knocked out.

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