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Bringers of death, ambassadors of sorrow; Beelzeavers are certainly the most frightening variety of Reavers. Sowing dark spells and frightening incantations, Beelzeavers are a formitable foe. They rarely show up without backup, not due to their weakness in direct combat, but because they are the highest ranking among the Reavers. They pass down orders directly given to them by their lord, to their lesser brethen to follow. Beelzeaver looks eerily human-like, and can easily pass off as a cloaked man, yet under the cloak reveals a frightening amalgam of distorter metal working and flesh. They are completely blind, yet sight is a mere trifle to them, as they have sight beyond mortal vision. They see the world just as well as even elves of the sharpest vision (atleast, in a close proximity). They may even sense the alignment of creatures near it. It is speculated that if many Beelzeavers congregate together, their magical potency increases by tenfold, but no documented cases have ever been witnessed. Yet.


  • Family: Construct
  • Size: Medium
  • Vision: Blindsight (May even sense alignment).
  • Hit Die: 8d4
  • AC: 7


  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 15
  • Con: 14
  • Int: ?/? (Artificial)
  • Wis: 0/0
  • Cha: 0/0


  • Slam: 1d6
  • Life Drain Touch: 1d4 Temporary Level Loss (If all levels are lost, enemy enters a death-like coma. If Beelzeaver is not destroyed within 24 hours, it will completely absorb the soul, adding a hit die. If it is destroyed, the drain essence will return to the original owner).


  • Chaotic Magic (1): Distorts the magical balance within those in the affected area. Those affected must make a will save or have a 50% chance to have their spells go haywire for the next 24 hours. A Remove Curse spell will cure the afflicted. The effects of a haywire spell are at the DM's discretion.
  • Chill Touch (6): Grasping attack with their hand, cloaked in a blue aura of negative energy, deals 1d6 damage. Touched creature also takes 1 point of Strength damage unless they succeed at a fortitude save.
  • Chaos Hammer (1): Smites foes with a multicoloured explosion in a 20 foot radius. Dealing 3d8 damage to Lawful enemies and Slowing them for 1d6 rounds. If they make their will save, only half damage is taken and no Slow effect is added. Neutral only take half damage (1/4 with will save) and no Slow effect is added. Chaotic are unharmed.
  • Ray of Enfeeblement (3-4): A ray of negative, weakening power that deals 1d6+2 strength damage for 6 minutes.
  • Chill Metal (2-4)
  • Blasphemy (1): Any non-evil enemy is cursed with a sickening incantation of corruption eminating up to 40 feet from the caster's mouth. Based on level difference, different effects will apply:
  • 0 =Dazed for 1 round
  • -1 = Dazed and Weakened (2d6 Strength damage for 2d4 rounds)
  • -5 = Dazed, Weakened and Paralyzed (1d10 minutes)
  • -10 = Dazed, Weakened, Paralyzed and... Dead. Also, whilst on its homeplane, extraplanar creatures are bansihed by this spell to their home realm if they fail a will save with a -4 penalty and cannot return for 24 hours.
  • Anti-Life Barrier (1): Brings into being a 10 ft radius barrier around the caster, forbading all living creatures from entering for 1 hour. Spell cannot crush foes against any surface. Attempting to do so will collapse the barrier.
  • Contagion (1): A corrupt touch sickess the foe, causing one of seven dangerous diseases. Fortitude save negates the initial touch, but each disease has a specific save.
  • Crushing Dispair (1-3): A cone-shaped burst of despair washing over all in its wake. Unless will save is met, despair overwhelms its target for 6 minutes, causing -2 to hit, damage, saves and 20% on percentage skills.
  • Deathwatch (at will): Colds eyes can determine how much life is within mortal shells.
  • Eyebite (1-2): Waves of negative energy seep from the caster's being, lasting two rounds. It will afflict one target every round. If they fail a fortitude save, foes of 10 HD or more, are sickened. 5-9 are Panicked and Sickened. 4 or less, are struck panicked, sickened and pass into a comatose state for 1 hour.
  • Feeblemind (1-3): A stupifying ray saps the intelligence of a single creaturing, giving it 1 intelligence and charisma. They can tell who friends are and can react on instinct, but mostly has the intelligent equivalence of a lizard. Those who can cast arcane spells take a -4 to save.
  • Slay Living(1): A powerful necrotic touch extinquishes life from the victim. If Beelzeaver makes a successful melee hit, the foe must roll a fortitude save or perish instantly. If they do save, they will take 3d6+6 damage.
  • Strong Malicitan Core: Upon 'death', the Beelzeaver's Malicitan Core will go critical, violently destroying the body in an explosion of energy and leaving only ash. This happens within 1 round. Anyone within 5 feet of the 'corpse' must make a dexterity save or will take 5d6 in damage.


Because Beelzeaver's have so much negative plane energy, they can be turned. They can be turned as if they were a Vampire.

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