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Classes in the Reign of Fire setting are divided into two main groups - Hero and Survivor Classes. Heroes are those who actively fight the Dragons and Survivors are, for those most part, those who have simply hidden and survived. Potentially all characters within the universe can described by a mixture of these classes. Advanced classes are exceedingly rare and prestige classes practically non-existant; most people who might claim to possess the talents this classes present are either charlatans or dead.

Basic Hero Classes[edit]

Any character which possesses a basic hero class as it's first class level may select one feat with the Heroic descriptor in addition to any others they may get for that level.

The strong hero is the bruiser for the Hero Convoys. Chances are he'll be on the front lines when confronting a Dragon or some other problem - whether or not he actually has any right to be. Many of these types are ex-soldiers or criminals who've decided to try and help what's left of doomed humanity, though just as often they're normal people who've stepped up to the task of ensuring mankind survives. The strong hero also stands watch over the entire convoy, usually ensuring that no one gets left behind that isn't already dead.
The fast hero serves as the primary scout for the convoy. Their superior speed often gives them an advantage when it comes to scouting out Dragon lairs and locating the quickest way to bring down the targets. They tend to carry only light firepower and often find themselves being given some of the more dangerous tasks. More than a few fast heroes have found their end at being unlucky enough to happen to have stumbled upon a Dragon's lair completely unprepared. Aside from their scout duties, they tend to be some of the most skilled drivers in the convoys.
Sometimes, it's hard to differntiate between a strong hero and a tough hero in a convoy. The tough hero shares much of a similar role, often filling it when a strong hero isn't present in the convoy. When both are present though, the tough offer as a secondary brawler, giving assistance to the strong hero to bring down their quarry quicker. They'll often specialize as a drivers and gunners as well, using their toughness to simply take a beating and keep the car driving straight and the bullet flying. More than a few have been described as suicidal for how directly they'll take on a Dragon.
Smart heroes serve two purposes to their convoy: salavage and repair and exploitation. Many of them have studied the Dragons or, rarely these days, other hazards that stand in the way of the convoys. They've learned the easiest way to make use of holes in the attacks of the various varieties of Dragons and just for that are often picked up from survivor havens, whether they wish to be taken or not. Those who've learned the skills of salvage and repair are just as valuable; a truck or a gun breaking down in the middle of a chase means certain death for everyone involved - and a free meal for the Dragon.
Every convoy needs a dedicated hero; those who don't tend to be rather short lived and find themselves either self-destructing due to infighting or being taken down one by one by injury and illness. No convoy can afford weakness in any sense of the word, and the dedicated hero sees to ensuring that the convoy manages to survive. Of all the possible heroes, dedicated heroes are the most likely to find life in a survivor haven the most accomodating; where the others tend to be outcast at every turn (except when a Dragon shows up), a dedicated hero is useful for many reasons.
Although there seems to be almost no use for the charismatic hero's skills in a post-apocalyptic world. However, they often act as liasons and go-betweens with any survivors the Heroes might happen to encounter, and possibly even with other convoys of Heroes or - rarely enough, thankfully - bands of Marauders. Many bands of Heroes actively rely on them to get news out of others, or to negotiate for additional equipment and places to stay for the night; a survivor safe haven is often far better than spending the night out in the open.

Basic Survivor Classes[edit]

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