Circlet of Monstrous Dominance (5e Equipment)

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Ring, legendary (requires attunement (over 2d12 hours roll 1d20 Wisdom saving throw every two hours to prevent insanity after successfully lasting the time you will be attuned))

The circlet of monstrous dominance is a ring of dull bronze that is worn on the head with a strange round gem in the shape of a tarrasque's eye on the side that faces the front nothing else appears out of the ordinary about it except that the eye looks around and blinks but those in tune with psionic power can feel oppressive energy radiating from the eye. In the presence of a monstrosity, the circlet will look towards the monstrosity and you will feel a pull towards it preventing you from getting surprised by monstrosities and when facing an unintelligent monstrosity of one level above to anywhere below your level you can use the single charge into the circlet to initiate an Intimidation check against the monstrosity's Wisdom saving throw to dominate its mind and instincts. When successful the monstrosity will cower before you and submit to your will forcing it to become your familiar but you will be unable to get the charge back until you release or drive off the monstrosity that is currently bound to the circlet.

When a monstrosity is bound to the circlet as a familiar the wearer is able to communicate telepathically with the monstrosity to relay commands and when not wearing the circlet the monstrosity may try to attack the attuned's allies but never the owner of the circlet.

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