Character Advancement XP Revisited (5e Variant Rule)

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Character Advancement XP Revisited[edit]

This variant rule uses the same rules for gaining experience points (XP) as those found in the 5e SRD, with one exception: NPCs of a CR lower than 1/8th of your character level don't provide XP when defeated. The table below shows what CR or lower doesn't provide XP at each level.

Character Level CR or Lower
1st 0
2nd 1/8
3rd 1/4
4th 1/4
5th 1/2
6th 1/2
7th 1/2
8th 1/2
9th 1
10th 1
11th 1
12th 1
13th 1
14th 1
15th 1
16th 1
17th 2
18th 2
19th 2
20th 2

The main difference between this rule and RAW is how much each level requires before a character can advance to it. This is to better reward difficult encounters over large numbers of small encounters, and until 19th level, progression will be faster than usual. If your group prefers many small encounters, this rule might not be for your group. The XP required for advancement at every level generally equals the proficiency bonus of that level times the XP of a deadly encounter for a four-person party of the previous level (for example, 2 times the XP of a deadly encounter for four 1st-level adventurers to advance to 2nd level), as denoted on the table below:

Character Level XP
1st 0
2nd 200
3rd 600
4th 1,400
5th 2,900
6th 6,200
7th 10,400
8th 15,500
9th 23,900
10th 33,500
11th 44,700
12th 59,100
13th 81,600
14th 107,100
15th 135,600
16th 167,600
17th 210,800
18th 263,600
19th 320,600
20th 386,000

Every 45,000 XP after level 20, a character can choose an epic boon.

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