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PL 7 Brotherhood of Nod Stealth Armour, Mark IIA 'Chameleon' Concealable Armor (Light)

Equipment Bonus +10 Nonprof. Bonus +5
Maximum Dex Bonus +10 Speed (30 ft.) 40 ft.
Armor Penalty -1 Arcane Spell Failure 10%
Purchase DC 50 Restriction Illegal (+5)
Weight 25 lbs.


Nod's Stealth technology has gotten an upgrade from the simplistic Stealth Armour of the First Tiberium War; the Chameleon suit. This has replaced the suits of armour used by the Black Hand during TWI.

When compared to the Stealth Soldiers of yesteryear, the full head-to-toe body armor package has been made lighter, more discreet, and much more flexible to allow for quicker and more agile acrobatic movement. Furthering the developments of their concealment technology, the Lazarus Shield emission system and its related clothing and armor plates have been completely redesigned for installation into lighter and more flexible, durable, and sturdy materials, which allows for its operation in hazardous environments, including Tiberium-infested areas and inclement weather, even heavy rain and snow. The cloaking system has now been designed to emit fewer distortion waves during the course of its operations, conceal weapon muzzle flash, and can even reduce the visible acquisition of dust, debris, or soil dislodged by the wearer's movement. Additional projection and protective measures have been installed to prevent the Lazarus Shield from being detected by light, infrared, and thermal scanners, and even scanners designed to observe degrees of the electromagnetic spectrum, prompting many in the academic community to consider the new Nod cloaking field as "active thermal/optical camouflage," or thermoptic camouflage, which is regarded as one step above the conceptual "active camouflage" of the 20th Century. The Lazarus Shield's portable generator has also been reduced in size and weight, and its time-to-reactivation following a shield power-down has been reduced.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

The Chameleon suit offers a +5 bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks.

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